English 2nd Year

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 Welcome  to  English 2nd Year

Hello. In this web page you can find all the information you need to study English if you are a second year student of Medicine. Good luck!


General information

  • -   2nd Year. Objectives, Methodological guidelines.
  • -   Teaching Schedules.
  • -  2nd year professors.
  • Assistant professor Leydis Isaac Suárez Head professor and guidance counselor
    Associate professor Maribel Pridas Guidance counselor
    Assistant professor Sandy Henríquez Villafruel Guidance counselor


Unit 1
Unit 2
Unit 3
 Unit  4
 Unit 5
  Unit 6
  Unit 7
  Unit 8
  Unit 9
  Unit 10
  Unit 11
  Unit 12
  Unit 13
  Unit 14

    Other teaching-learning resources


Basic English Literature

Vision One Vision II   Vision III 

English Through

Medicine 1

 English Through

Medicine  2